Choosing a Car Repair Shop

In recent times, Bavarian Motor Works or, BMW has become the prominent brand in the luxury car segment. What exactly gives BMW the strategic advantage over its competitors? BMW centers on maintaining its products within the introduction and growth stages of the cycle. In fact, the Bavarians withdraw products from the market, as and when they move into the latter parts. The new products’ designs.

Hold a high style quotient. This has helped strike a chord with the existing and prospective consumers. Technology is one the largest strengths of BMW and, the Germans are rarely exhausted. Intelligent Brake Pedal and Vehicle to Vehicle communications showcase their power.

The marketing strategies unleashed by BMW have worked wonders. A prime example is, their award winning website where users can design their own autos. A distribution channel for information, the website allows access to all information, any time of the day. High profile Image campaigns have only increased the appeal of its products. BMW is like a well oiled machine, and the strengths listed above are integral parts of it. Therefore, to be a genuine competitor, one needs to get the better of BMW on all these fronts.


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